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Consumer Tech

We provide personalized digital solutions that turn your customers into lifelong brand ambassadors.

IntouchCX provides you with a knowledgeable, empowered team of experts that personalizes your customer’s journey to humanize your brand and drive lifetime loyalty.

Technical Support & Troubleshooting

Offering high-touch personalized technical support the way your customers want to be interacted with allows for more accurate troubleshooting and faster resolutions.


Help your customers choose the best products for their needs with our knowledgeable and empowered brand ambassadors that are experts in personalized cross-sell and upsell techniques.

After-the-Sale Support

Let us handle your warranty claims for optimized processes and speedy turnarounds.

Warranty Claims Management

Our dedicated agents answer any questions about products, warranties, or how-to’s for enhanced loyalty and satisfaction.

Order Management

We track orders from beginning to end and provide customers with real-time updates.
Case Study: Smart Home Automation

Case Study: Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation consumers expect support that matches the speed of their devices. One California-based consumer electronics company realized they couldn’t meet this expectation because their support relied heavily on voice channels. IntouchCX developed a digital strategy that foucsed 24/7 chat support, and the results were incredible.

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