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Content & Brand Moderation

We partner with the biggest brands in the world to proactively protect their community and brand standards through content moderation.

Our experience with multi-media user generated content platforms, range of customer segments, and tailored approach drives deeper community engagement. Our processes and approach are always anchored in moderator well-being.

Technology & Innovation

Our proprietary technology empowers moderators to deliver more efficient CX while staying aligned with your brand. We are also technology platform and device agnostic to seamlessly integrate our processes with yours.

Superpunch Team Rooms allows content moderators to provide community support through seamless communication between departments

Our moderators log their mood during each shift. This data acts as a real-time measurement of team well-being and performance. If members are unhappy, we identify the trend and step in with support.

We take well-being seriously. It’s at the heart of our culture, and we strive to put our people first so they can put your people first.

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Leadership & Performance

We proactively align your brand to community guidelines to ensure a positive user experience, and use leverage data, insights, in-house focus groups and quantitative research and technology to review and optimize guidelines, programs, and performance.

Our leaders are provided resources and training in mental health awareness to better support their teams.

We work together to anchor the content strategy in brand guidelines and adjust to accommodate user generated content cues.

Emotional intelligence evaluations allow us to better match employees through strengths and personalities to ensure the best fit for your brand. We leverage tools and systems to create moderator resiliency and enhanced emotional intelligence fo improved moderator well-being.

Our Results

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