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Data Annotation

We improve the efficiency & accuracy of your data annotation so you can focus on growing your brand.

Pairing data support teams with leading annotation technology allows us to label objects of interest in text, video and image assets. We improve the quality of data annotation, so you can focus on your business.

How We Do It


Our experience in a wide range of data types allows us the ability to deliver high volume annotation and adapt to changing volumes with quality and efficiency.


Consolidating data annotation with your existing customer care solutions creates a consistent and effective program for your brand.


We hire data support experts in offshore locations, reducing cost and language restrictions for your brand.


We ensure you have the best talent, hiring team members that align and uphold your brand standards.


Our technology prioritizes data security, so your customers can be confident in your brand.

Partner With Us

As an extension of your brand, we offer complete access and transparency to our team.

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Text Annotation

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Video Annotation

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