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Fraud & Compliance

At IntouchCX, trust and safety is a profession, not a line of business.

We take an industry leading well-being approach to innovate the trust and safety space through end-to-end design, research, insights, and technology. Our solution provides flexibility to create a people-only or a people-AI-tech infused team that can change and scale with them efficiently alongside business growth.

Safeguarding Your Brand, Content & Community

Fraud Prevention

Our teams are equipped with premium fraud detection technology. They are able to detect early signs of fraudulent behavior early in order to mitigate risk.

Identity Verification & Account Security

We can detect bots and spam accounts in order to restrict, remove or block them from interacting with your brand.

Emergency Case Support

Safety threats are managed immediately to ensure your brand is protected against instances of illegal activities, fake accounts, attempted data breaches and more.

Claim Assessment

Our team works around the clock to manage data claims including: harassment, healthcare insurance, intellectual property claims, and more.


Our comprehensive compliance services include applicant data accuracy, compliance monitoring, verifying ID and sanctions, and keeping you abreast of upcoming regulatory changes.

Bug Identification

Our team troubleshoots with customers for their issues in real-time to proactively document and escalate bugs for resolution.


Compliance for Claims
QA Scores
Loss Reduction on Claims

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