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Changing the Way People Work

Superpunch is our employee engagement app that drives performance and culture while streamlining scheduling, communication, and more. This tool improves EX through easy, enhanced connection.


Improves communication with real time push notifications and schedule visibility

Provides instant performance management feedback

Increases engagement with tangible data collected through mood tracking

Helps members increase take home pay

Promotes fairness with attendance points

Reduces attrition of newly hired employees



Shift notifications are customized to each associate based on their attendance records to maximize the incentive to be at work on time. Team members also have the power of deciding flexible scheduling and shifting to adjust for work/life balance for well-being.

Mood Tracking

The built-in mood tracker ties mood to performance, exporting tangible data to allow for increased engagement & satisfaction. Leaders can track mood in real time on programs and enhance motivation accordingly.

Express Pay

Associates can get paid a portion of their wage through the app after every shift, allowing associates to access the money they have earned when they need it the most.


This in-app live chat tool connects associates with subject matter experts who provide real time responses to common questions, removing friction from the employment experience.

Referral Rewards

Associates can send referral codes via text message to their friends and track the status, application, and payout of their referral bonus in the app.

Superpunch Team Rooms

Superpunch Team Rooms brings our culture to life for teams across the globe, whether they are working at home or on campus. Team Rooms allows associates to connect at a virtual table where they can share ideas, ask questions, and receive coaching live in a virtual environment.

Superpunch Care

Monitor and Improve<br>Employee Well-Being With Innovative Technology

Monitor and Improve
Employee Well-Being With Innovative Technology

Mental health absence costs the global economy almost $1 trillion every year. Companies struggle with regional nuanced and immediate care.

IntouchCX has collaborated in a research partnership to develop a technological solution designed to reduce stress and improve employees’ day-to-day lives and well-being by detecting mental health-related issues early. 

Superpunch Care: Our<br>Digital Solution for Enhanced<br>Employee Experiences

Superpunch Care: Our
Digital Solution for Enhanced
Employee Experiences

Superpunch Care integrates Lua Health AI technology into the Superpunch chat platform to create a tailored wellness recommender engine. This system delivers personalized well-being resources to employees as soon as stress indicators are detected.

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How We Win

Superpunch Care provides personalized digital mental health support whenever it’s needed most during the working day.

  • Delivers algorithmic prompts based on
    individual engagement
  • Opens a dialogue with individuals based on
    elevated stress levels and guides them to useful support resources

Superpunch Care has a proven track record of driving stronger engagement, reducing workplace stress, and building high-performance teams.

Fuel Success by Investing in Employee Well-Being

Fuel Success by Investing in Employee Well-Being

Adoption Rate
Increase in usage of IntouchCX well-being resources
Flow Rate