Our Strategic Pillars

We understand that high-performing companies have a desire for faster and smarter growth. They are looking for a partner who is big enough to deliver and nimble enough to care.

That is exactly who we are – we have scale and soul, and we set a new standard by immersing ourselves in your world with curiosity, creativity, and innovation. We have five core strategies and differentiators:

To set ourselves apart, we delve deep into the intricacies of each ecosystem and provide an end-to-end experience. This enables us to bring new depth to the program and achieve true specialization in brand-specific work. By conducting in-depth research and applying that knowledge, we provide our client partners a more thorough service. We are the partner of choice for piloting new initiatives, spearheading program design, and leading with innovation in multi-vendor networks. Our immersive approach further enables greater agility, allowing for quick execution and scalability while keeping performance in mind.

We empower our people to drive positive change. We ensure that our people know the what and the why of their goals, and we encourage them to not be afraid to make mistakes along the way. This also reflects the journey of our team members as they look to progress their careers at IntouchCX with the guidance of our thought leaders.

We have grown our company through the strength of our client relationships. We are honest, open partners that are committed to developing long-term relationships. We challenge assumptions, redefine partnership, disrupt convention, and boldly lead our clients toward a reimagined future. Internally, this is a crucial element, as building these lasting relationships with our employees allows us to tap into an extremely deep pool of knowledge that only comes from years of experience.

While many can claim to be innovative, it is acting upon those ideas that makes one innovative. Developing and providing solutions like IntouchNXT, Superpunch, Mosaic Language Solutions, and our AI and automation technologies, paired with our global footprint and diverse geographic presence, is what will push our company forward as we look further into the future.

This is how we win for our clients. Our consistent performance allows us to achieve the metrics that matter most to our client partners, building that crucial element of trust. We are connected by purpose, driven by passion, and inspired by performance.