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Leading from the Future to Revolutionize Experiences

IntouchCX challenges the status quo. Our Innovation team is a collective of disruptive mindsets, problem solvers and researchers that confront business-as-usual processes to solve the CX problems that our clients deal with today, and create new solutions for changes that are emerging for the future.

Exploring the New Innovation Supernova

Now, more than ever, it’s important to carefully track new trends as they emerge. We are at the cusp of significant generational change with converging trends in artificial intelligence, generative AI and synthetic media, Web3 and digital assets and currency, digital mental health and new ways of working, each influencing inevitable shifts in technology and creating the future of new or, at least, mixed realities.

Our increasingly complex world is forming at a time of economic caution. IntouchNXT focuses on the trends that matter, and helps innovatively-minded organizations to introduce and adapt new solutions into their existing environment, to create a competitive edge.

Where Innovation Meets Industry: Innovation In-Flight

By understanding trends and creating a space to test, learn and scale new solutions, IntouchNXT helps brands capitalize on new opportunities with business products and solutions that scale.

Projects in-flight at IntouchNXT include:

Using AI to improve mental health screening

Pioneering generative AI to transform the future of contact centers

Using neuromonitoring to redesign remote work schedules and well-being

Tackling online hate to make live gaming environments safer

Removing barriers of language to foster better global CX equity

Reimagining human-machine teaming to program machines to better serve human needs

Join our IntouchNXT Collective

Our virtual global innovation hub connects and collaborates with academia along with industry innovators and disruptors. Together we are leading the field with emerging technology, AI and human science to co-create new solutions to old and emerging problems.

As leaders in operational excellence, we provide tools and support to help brands understand how to transform and transition to a new future. This includes: fastest go-to-market plans, business hackathons, customer journey mapping, transformational design and more.

Our Partners Include:

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