Historic buildings in Guatemala City

Latin America

Delivering exceptional experiences in our Latin America & Caribbean campuses for over 15 years.

We are the top CX partner for Tech, Retail/eCommerce, Edtech, Smart Home, and Gig Economy clients in Latin America and the Caribbean. Each of our campuses is strategically located near the United States for enhanced collaboration, communication, and travel logistics.

As leaders in the LATAM region, our brand partners entrust us with unique programs such as content moderation, payments and collections, user experience testing, and more. Our local CX leadership team leverages their extensive cultural and operational expertise to drive exceptional experiences, performance, and quality while increasing customer satisfaction.

Regional Excellence

15+ years of experience serving high growth brands

Fluent English and Spanish-speaking populations

Local CX leadership, ensuring cultural affinity and market knowledge

Cost-efficient, skilled labor pool

Brand recognition in the market

Scalability of LATAM operations

Voice talent availability

Non-traditional back office support

Customer service driven culture
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Regional Campuses


Bogota, Colombia

With a vibrant bilingual talent pool, strong IT infrastructure, and competitive pricing, Bogota is ranked as one of the best cities in the world for contact center outsourcing. Our Bogota campus is over 50,000 square feet equipped with 4 training rooms.

IntouchCX Bogota
Diagonal 25 G # 95 A - 85 Bogotá - Colombia

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Guatemala City has a cost-efficient labor pool of skilled workers and is located near the United States, allowing for alignment with our Northern America campuses. The city is also home to 30% of Central America’s total university population. This high post-secondary education rate makes hiring Tier 3+ specialized roles much easier, increasing quality for our programs.

Our Guatemala City campus is over 150,000 square feet and equipped with 14 training rooms. This campus offers English and Spanish customer support.

IntouchCX Guatemala City
15 Ave. 5-00 Zone 13 WTC Building, Tower 1 Guatemala City, Guatemala, 01013

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Montego Bay is located on Jamaica’s north coast and is the second-largest city in the country. It has a strong population with exceptional language skills and affinity for American culture, which has helped spark growth in Jamaica’s BPO sector. Each of our 2 Montego Bay campuses are over 32,000 square feet and equipped with 6 training rooms.

IntouchCX Montego Bay - Cazoumar
1 Pimento Way Suite B202-B203 Cazoumar Freezone Montego Bay, St. James
IntouchCX Montego Bay - Bioprist
1a Pimento Way Floor 1 & 2 Bioprist Knowledge Park Freeport, Montego Bay

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Tegucigalpa is the capital city of Honduras. While Spanish is the official language, it’s also the largest English-speaking population in the region. Our Tegucigalpa campuses employ a skilled labor force with a strong cultural affinity for North American brands.

Our strategic locations in Tegucigalpa are well insulated from natural disasters and are easily accessible through public transportation. Our 2 Tegucigalpa campuses are over 65,000 square feet, each featuring 30 meeting rooms and 6 highly-equipped training rooms.

IntouchCX Honduras
Edificio Corporativo Centroamérica Boulevard Centroamerica Tegucigalpa, Honduras 11101
IntouchCX Honduras
Palmira Corporate Building Colonia Palmira, Avenida La Paz Tegucigalpa, Honduras 11101

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Located in the Sula Valley of northern Honduras, San Pedro Sula is one of the country’s main transportation hubs. Known for having one of the highest number of bilingual schools in Central America, the city provides a large talent pool of accent-neutral bilingual English- and Spanish-speaking workers. Our San Pedro Sula campus is over 22,000 square feet with 6 meeting rooms and 4 training rooms.

IntouchCX Honduras
Edificio Nuevo Horizontes Business Center Piso 9, Sector rancho el Coco, Avenida principal San Pedro Sula, Honduras
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