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IntouchAI: The Power of AI & Automation

At IntouchCX, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way brands connect with their customers. With our cutting-edge IntouchAI framework, we invite a new era of customer experience enhancement, where quality, speed, and accuracy converge seamlessly to create unparalleled interactions. Our unique holistic approach connects the dots between people, processes, and technology. We look at interactions in three key stages: pre, during, and post-interactions.

Through immersive journeys and data deep-dives, we focus on inflow reduction and quality improvements pre-interaction, boosting productivity and personalization during an interaction, and deriving insights and efficiencies post-interaction. We understand how interactions are interconnected and the importance of examining both detailed specifics and the broader perspective. This process enables us to work collaboratively with our partners to drive operational efficiencies, improving core CX metrics and ROI.
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We enable businesses to drive improvements for agents, including:

Advanced workflows

Increased resource utilization efficiency

Enhanced productivity and quality

Advanced generative AI and sophisticated automation technology empower team members and drive engagement, improving employee experiences (EX) through easy, enhanced connection. This ultimately enables your teams to optimize your customer experience.

IntouchAI Solutions

IntouchAI provides the edge your business needs to thrive by pushing the boundaries for meaningful transformation. Harnessing the power of AI and automation, we've created a bespoke suite of solutions that can seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack.

We are experts in leveraging proprietary technology and third-party technology partnerships to build AI and automation processes that achieve business outcomes in new ways.

Our proprietary framework identifies key areas of automation that can drive increased productivity, employee and customer engagement , quality, and cost benefits across the entire customer journey. We go beyond technology to optimize workflows and workforce management to drive gains in KPIs that matter.

This approach enables your teams to engage with customers in a personalized and efficient way before, during, and after contact, in order to drive loyalty.
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How We Win

  • 6+ years developing unique proprietary tech including: engagement, insights, agent automation


  • Certified experts in market-leading technology


  • Over 25,000 users per year in our suite of proprietary technologies with a three-year roadmap of new features and enhancements
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Advanced CX With IntouchAI

Discover how our AI and automation solutions can elevate

the agent experience and transform the way you connect, engage,

and delight your customers. Access the potential, where AI meets CX.