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Customer Experience Solutions for High-Growth Brands.

Maintaining exceptional customer service while scaling your operations can be challenging. As your business grows, your customer’s expectations and journey will evolve too. Many high-growth companies' existing support model simply can't keep up with the increasing demand for personalization, product assistance, and troubleshooting services.
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How do you stay innovative and ahead of the curve while strengthening customer loyalty?

Partnering with a customer experience leader with over 20 years of experience driving engagement and customer satisfaction for disruptive brands, from startups to Fortune 500s.

Our IntouchCX Disrupt Solution is designed specifically for hyper-growth companies in emerging markets. We’ll help grow your culture, loyalty, and performance by managing your end-to-end customer experience needs, so you can focus on growing your core business.

Our IntouchCX Disrupt
Solution Helps You:

Boost operational efficiency

Increase organizational agility

Accelerate growth trajectory

How We Win

We invest in strategic consulting and dedicated cross-functional teams to understand and drive key results for your program.

Our dedicated teams include experts in growth, product leadership, insights and optimization, and customer experience.

Our proven track record of growing with disruptive brands and evolving customer lifecycles.

Responsive scalability to ensure your customers are receiving the best support during peak growth periods.
Elevate Your CX With IntouchCX Disrupt.

Elevate Your CX With IntouchCX Disrupt.

Optimizing your customer experience (CX) is crucial to driving brand loyalty and customer retention. Many companies make the mistake of not investing in their CX solutions early on in their business journey and miss out on the opportunity to forge lasting relationships with their customers.
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IntouchCX Disrupt Solution Features

We offer multiple packages that serve your existing customers’ needs and promote future growth.
Non-Voice Package

Non-Voice Package

This package is the foundation of our IntouchCX Disrupt solution for companies needing digital customer care solutions, data insights and analytics reporting, and technical expertise. This package starts with a minimum of 5 FTE.

Customizable Packages

Customizable Packages

We tailor our packages with your unique needs in mind, including greater customization in channel solutions, a work from anywhere workforce across multiple geographies, strategic consulting, CX management and road mapping, QA/QC testing, and more. These packages start with a minimum of 10 FTE.

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