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Our Ecosystems

Building strategic and personalized support solutions is our specialty. We work with brand partners across all industries, helping to increase satisfaction, growth, and efficiency.
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Digital Apps & Ecosystems

Your users expect to feel empowered and safe, and that's what IntouchCX delivers. Our secure, high-touch support and safety solutions build community trust and increase your growth.
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We’re deeply invested in the privacy and security of your business and customers. That’s why we build physical spaces that are compliant, while hiring dedicated IT and data security specialists.
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Entertainment & Gaming

Our comprehensive support keeps users happy by increasing availability, responsiveness, and safety. Plus, by focusing on in-depth brand training and technological development, we can evolve with you.
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Health Tech

We understand the unique requirements for CX in the Health Tech industry. From security and compliance to wellness and tech support, we create a detailed and personalized plan to meet today’s needs and anticipate tomorrow’s.
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Consumer Tech

Your products bring lasting benefits to your customers, and the experience you deliver should too. By using our in-depth analytics, custom strategies, and consistent quality, you can increase satisfaction and build loyalty.
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Digital Commerce

Our flexible, omnichannel Digital Commerce support provides your customers with the personalized experience they deserve, at every step of their journey.
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Gig Economy

Being able to deliver exceptional service to both customers and gig workers is critical. IntouchCX provides the balanced approach you need to remove pain points and drive loyalty from both sides.
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Consumer Durables

We’re trained experts in the products of our brand partners, even testing products, so we can provide personalized support that fosters loyalty.
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