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Our Solutions

We power the most exciting and leading-edge global brands through our dedicated people and value-driven technology.

Your goals are our goals

We develop thoughtful support strategies and have comprehensive technology solutions to help brands increase customer satisfaction and scale faster.

Omnichannel Customer Care

We know customer service, and offer fast and far-reaching solutions for global brands.


Chat empowers brands to meet customers where they are by increasing your availability and responsiveness. Achieve increased AOV, reduced Cost Per Contact, an overall higher CSAT, and boost to customer loyalty.


Give your customers a reliable and personal support experience through our leading edge voice solutions like IVR technology, automatic call distribution and routing, and call queueing.


Drive customer safety and trust while increasing loyalty and satisfaction through community monitoring, moderation, engagement, social care, risk management, and insights.

Mobile SMS

Put the power of support in your customer’s hands through text enabled toll-free and business numbers.


A self-service option creates an efficient and personalized support experience solution while reducing the volume of other channels.


Give your customers the convenient, data-driven support option they want with our email solution.

Brand Trust & Safety

We take an industry leading well-being approach to innovate the trust and safety space through end-to-end design, research, insights, and technology. Our solution provides flexibility to create a people-only or a people-AI-tech infused team that can change and scale with them efficiently alongside business growth.
Content & Brand Moderation

Content & Brand Moderation

Ensure the safety and security of your brand and global community with dedicated content moderation support. These teams work to prevent, identify, escalate, and remove content that violates your guidelines.
Fraud & Compliance

Fraud & Compliance

Safeguard your brand and customers from fraud through analytical fraud detection systems and conscientious agents. We rely on leading edge technology and processes to provide emergency case support, identity verification, account security, and more.
Data Annotation

Data Annotation

Our data support associates annotate your data so you don’t have to. Get accurately labeled text, video, and images to ensure your technological tools and platforms learn as you grow.

Performance Enablers

IntouchCX’s performance enhancing technology improves the quality, speed, and accuracy our teams and systems can deliver so your customers have the best experience possible.

Access real-time performance feedback and mood tracking to reduce attrition, increase engagement, and support employee wellbeing.

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Optimize every support channel with industry-leading automation technology that reduces the time agents spend on repetitive tasks, increasing resolution time.

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Catapult maps customers’ behavior and preferences to elevate your CX through multiple touch-points. Our analytics and reporting tool will help you lower costs while increasing CSAT.

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Strategic Solutions

Our CX strategic solutions were designed with flexibility and collaboration in mind, so our brand partners can implement a custom-fit support system that drives brand loyalty and satisfaction.

IntouchCX Disrupt

We pair our Workforce Management methodologies with industry-leading technology to ensure we exceed your key metrics while controlling your costs. Our solution optimizes associate schedules through forecasting and real time management, driving performance across your vendor network.
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IntouchCX Mosaic Languages

Give your global customers truly localized customer support in over 100 languages with innovative translation technology.
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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) allows you to identify opportunities in your support contacts, ensure consistent customer satisfaction, and refine KPI goals by developing brand-specific QA evaluations.
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Workforce Management

The true power of customer service is in the people. You need a team that’s as dedicated to your customers as you are, but this requires forecasting, planning, and proper management. With our industry leading technology, we can ensure your team is happy, motivated, knowledgeable, and efficient.
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Personalization & Loyalty

We design custom-fit CX strategies that drive brand recognition and customer loyalty.
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