Laivly, IntouchCX’s sister company, harnesses the power of digital automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to empower agents and optimize your customer experience with real-time decision-making and actions. This streamlines customer interactions, leading to greater accuracy and enhanced customer satisfaction.
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Sidd Pro

Sidd Pro offers all features included with Sidd Spark and more. In addition to the automations for Context, Guidance, and What Happened, Sidd Pro includes Smart Response and Resolve automation capabilities, both of which assist the agent during a customer interaction. Sidd Pro introduces full automation, which solves interactions with unattended automation, thereby limiting humans in the loop.

This technology acts as an independent digital worker, accessing your existing tech stack virtually to perform tasks, answer questions, and facilitate self-service in any channel. 

Sidd Pro can also:

  • Communicate with customers, CX team, or other departments via GPT-driven chat
  • Receive instructions via any channel, including voice, email, chat, and SMS
  • Autonomously launch workflows and automations




Sidd Pro can create a consistent, best-in-class experience across all existing tech stacks through a Universal Consumer Profile, which empowers agents through AI, making necessary resources accessible to the agent. By surfacing knowledge base articles and summarizing key actions, Sidd Pro helps agents to solve customer cases during interaction. Agents will also gain quick access to knowledge guides and guided policies based on their current customer interaction.

Smart Response

Smart Response

Sidd Pro automatically fills out forms and can generate digital responses for curation using  a revolutionary generative machine learning model to ensure every written interaction is accurate, on-brand, and optimized for customer satisfaction. It does this through multiple channels:

  • Email — Sidd Pro identifies and addresses every issue or question with accurate, on-brand responses, handing off emails that require a human touch to agents, and bringing them back into the workflow without missing a beat.
  • Chat — Unlike traditional chatbots, Sidd Pro analyzes customer sentiment and provides helpful, on-brand answers. When necessary, this technology facilitates a frictionless hand-off to a live agent.
  • Social Media — Sidd Pro generates consistent, unique replies to customers who mention your brand on social media, handling more interactions in a fraction of the time it would take an agent.
  • Online Reviews — This technology can draft accurate, natural-language responses to customer reviews, offer product recommendations, and more to save, influence, or convert customers.

With Sidd Pro’s Smart Response, you can:

Improve handle times and ramp time

Decrease agent time spent on form-filling

Increase savings on associate hours

How We Win

Sidd Pro seamlessly integrates with your desktop and existing tech stack, providing rapid and effortless integration. Powered by ChatGPT, this technology analyzes customer sentiment and meaning, then automates actions within your workflows.

  • Integrates with your existing tech stack, seamlessly and rapidly. No APIs required.

  • Generates perfectly on-brand responses. Instant. Accurate. Natural. Powerful.

  • Generates real-time verbatims, freeing agents from time-consuming note-taking and post-contact work.

  • Predicts what your agents need to know in real time, suggests best-case solutions, then automates tasks and workflows.

  • Safe. Secure. Ethical.

Experience the future of agent and customer experience with Sidd Pro.