Sidd Spark

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Meet Sidd Spark, our AI technology that automates your business functions like a human. Sidd Spark writes, communicates, and solves problems — on-brand and with empathy.

Sidd Spark gives you the power of generative AI, transforming both the customer and agent experience. By leveraging digital automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, Sidd Spark empowers agents with real-time decision-making and actions.

Sidd Spark is the foundation of our automation solution, driving productivity and efficiency across the entire agent and customer journey — before, during, and after interaction. Our solution accesses front-end workflow processes, just like an agent. It continuously learns and improves at lightning speed, leading to reduced agent effort and overhead within months of implementation.




Sidd Spark offers automated insights from case history, summarizing what agents need to know. It automatically summarizes the transcript of the customer interaction, minimizing the agent workload, while simultaneously analyzing the sentiment of the consumer based on the conversation. This assists the agent pre-contact.



Our tool empowers agents with automations and guides. Sidd Spark offers real-time predictions, suggesting best-case solutions and automating tasks and workflows. It provides immediate agent guidance, scripting, and reminders triggered by specific keywords and topics, and creates workflows that reflect training to enhance quality and efficiency. This assists the agent during contact.

What Happened

What Happened

Sidd Spark improves agent comprehension and efficiency with its unique transcription technology. It automatically transcribes contact interactions, summarizing case notes and outlining next steps. It generates real-time verbatims, relieving agents from time-consuming note-taking and post-contact work. This speeds up after-call processes without sacrificing detail. This assists the agent post-contact.

Sidd Spark Can Also:

Track agent compliance and workflow adherence with real-time digital QA

Identify customer intent, sentiment, and case resolution and predict case disposition

Easily modify workflows and track topics using Sidd Studio

Provide live call transcription with real-time topic summaries to assist agents during calls

Automate case notes to reduce after-call work, streamline escalations or documentation, and allow agents to customize Swift Notes on the fly

Save transcripts directly to your CRM for accurate, indexable, and secure records

How We Win

Sidd Spark lives on the desktop and integrates with your existing tech stack, seamlessly and rapidly. This technology is ChatGPT-enabled, analyzes customer sentiment and meaning, and automates actions into workflows. It can increase accuracy and reduce total customer interaction time by 55%, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • Integrates with your existing tech stack, seamlessly and rapidly. No APIs required.

  • Generates perfectly on-brand responses. Instant. Accurate. Natural. Powerful.

  • Generates real-time verbatims, freeing agents from time-consuming note-taking and post-contact work.

  • Predicts what your agents need to know in real time, suggests best-case solutions, then automates tasks and workflows.

  • Safe. Secure. Ethical.

Access the potential of Sidd Spark today to transform the way your agents work and enhance your customer experience.