Technology Partnerships

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At IntouchCX, we establish leading CX solutions by combining our expertise in AI and automation with our trusted third-party technology partnerships. Our unique approach allows us to remain tech-agnostic and integrate seamlessly into our clients’ existing tech stacks while building innovative processes that achieve business outcomes in new ways. We are redefining the customer and agent experience, transforming customer interactions and elevating your business to new heights.

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CX Channel & CRM
Our affiliation with CX channel and CRM companies enable our partners to achieve seamless customer relationship management and omnichannel support solutions.
Process Automation
Through our process automation technology partnerships, which encompass RPA, IDP, and OCR, we can streamline workflows and enhance operational efficiency.
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Data, Insights, & Analytics
Our partnerships with data and analytics technologies enable us to provide deep, actionable insights that drive informed decision-making and strategic growth.
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We integrate cutting-edge AI-powered partner technologies like LLMs, BOTS, and ML to deliver intelligent, adaptive customer experiences.
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