Tech Integration

Solving the Challenges of New and
Established CX Programs

Whether you have an existing technology stack or need to inject new agility into legacy systems, we are immersed in a variety of tech systems to dynamically meet your needs. We prioritize the total user experience, considering both customers and agents, when proposing tech stacks that include a variety of emerging and leading enterprise technologies.
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From Disruptive to Established: Technology Solutions At Every Stage



For new companies building their CX function from scratch, we understand the struggle of navigating the vast array of available technologies. You may have experimented with free tools but need to quickly build a scalable tech stack. We provide the expertise to guide you in selecting the right technology solutions that will support your future growth.

Scaled Operations

Scaled Operations

Established companies with existing technology stacks often seek partners who can configure systems for success. We help identify and integrate the right workflows, systems, and features tailored to your unique needs. This is an opportunity to optimize your existing vendor network and drive value based on the digital maturity curve.

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Leading with Technology

At IntouchCX, we specialize in integrating and delivering cloud-based technology solutions faster and more efficiently to support innovative brands and their customers, through enhanced teams and back office operations. From design, development to implementation, we excel in building end to end solutions for your CX experience.

Our technology depth is extensive, with a focus on integrating the leading providers of Channel, CRM, Cloud, Analytics, and Automation technologies. Our capabilities include an onsite team of technology experts including business analysts, system analysts, developers, architects, QA and our labs expertise include AI engineering and low-no code skills.

Unlock the Potential

With our extensive expertise, tech agnostic approach, and focus on the total user experience, we differentiate by delivering the highest quality solutions.

Our turnkey end-to-end system approach integrates CX channels, enterprise platforms (CRM systems), cloud infrastructure, database platforms, software/networks, and AI for automation. Working with over 100 technology partners ranging from startups to enterprises, we customize bespoke features to optimize your business.

Our solution breadth includes:

Detailed discovery sessions with data mapping

Technology recommendations

Design CX technology architectures

Managed services including software updates and technology maintenance

Roadmap development and implementation of new features

Full implementation services


How We Win

Our extensive solution and partnership roadmap drives stronger performance across multiple business touch points:

  • Part of our success at inception was adapting and capitalizing on new technology trends from voice in the 2000s to digital channels in 2005 to more recently launching proprietary tech including Laivly, Superpunch, Catapult and Vision.


  • Our CX-driven approaches coupled with a strong understanding of how emerging and leading market technologies  can be integrated, drive exceptional results.

  • We are agile in delivery and speed to market as a priority. Our ability to implement solutions in 6-10 weeks includes detailed system configuration.

  • IntouchNXT labs boasts a growing team of 100 technologies delivering end to end solutions globally with a strong training program to develop tomorrow’s technology leaders.
Revolutionizing with Smarter Technology Design:

Revolutionizing with Smarter Technology Design:

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