Workforce Management

Manage Your Workforce in Real Time

Forecasting, planning, and managing your workforce can be challenging. As your partner, we streamline this so you can focus on growing your business.

Our solution optimizes agent schedules and productivity through forecasting and real time management, driving performance across your vendor network.

By pairing our detailed Workforce Management methodologies with industry-leading technology, we exceed your key metrics while controlling your costs.

Insights Driven Performance

Insights and analytics drive improved prediction and planning to better understand your consumers’ needs, while optimizing performance and lowering costs.

  • Volume forecasting using historical data, industry trends, and upcoming campaigns.
  • Proactive capacity and class planning to ensure appropriate hiring timelines.
  • Real time schedule adjustments to optimize productivity.

Technology & Innovation

Our proprietary employee engagement technology, Superpunch, streamlines staffing and scheduling while improving compliance.

  • Agents can view their schedule, pick up shifts, and report if they’ll be late or absent.
  • Push notifications of shift times sent to agents to decrease absenteeism.
  • Streamlined scheduling, payroll, and communications.

Communication & Reporting

Real time reporting, provides you the data you need, when you need it. While collaboration ensures alignment and efficiencies.

  • Reporting tools share real time observations in scheduling and forecasting.
  • Recommendations to ramp up or down in real time based on insights.
  • Performance comparisons across your vendor network drive accountability.


Our Results

Overtime Cost Reduction
Time Reduction for
Decision Making
Demand Forecasting Within 2% of Actual Volume

Forecasting & Resource Planning

Long-term and short-term workforce demand

Proactive capacity and class planning

Separation of channels and queues

Leverage historical data and current trends

Factor in attrition rates and shrink trends

Real Time Management & Performance Analysis

Manage daily schedules in real time

Evaluate volume of interactions and adjust schedule accordingly

Exceed service expectations in a cost effective way

Real time reports to fuel constant improvement

Performance analysis across vendor network

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