Case Study: Fueling the Gig Economy through Omnichannel Customer Care

Smiling delivery man looking at his phone

IntouchCX delivers industry-leading customer care solutions that help streamline workflows for gig economy workers. Our implemented workflows and systems helped improve the fluctuating volume of gig worker interactions in a timely and accurate manner, especially during peak seasons

IntouchCX enabled our brand partner’s drivers to be more productive and efficient by providing timely and accurate support. Shortly after implementations, the brand partner saw the following results:


For chat:
AHT 330 seconds vs. 600 seconds goal
1.3 increase in concurrency and productivity during peak season, surpassing the goal of 1.2


For voice:
Campus 1
          – AHT 309 seconds vs. 375 seconds goal
Campus 2:
          – AHT 291 seconds vs. 375 seconds goal


For staffing:
Successfully increased headcount (HC) from 428 to 926.
Attrition was below 5% monthly in all lines of business.



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