Case Study: Generative AI: Advancing Agent Experiences in the Gig Economy

What if, instead of coaching associates on their past mistakes, you could prevent those mistakes in real time? Introducing Sidd, Laivly’s virtual real-time AI assistant that guides associates through complex processes with best actions to take, checklists, and automated approvals. This agile technology integrates with your existing software using an augmented display screen overlay, moving from post-contact interactions to providing real-time coaching. 

IntouchCX partnered with a delivery service brand to improve their customer experience by ensuring consistent and efficient resolution of customer issues. The brand needed our help handling erroneous deliveries for missed items, delays, and other issues, as the complexity of their CRM system hindered agents from swiftly applying accurate solutions. This resulted in inconsistent application of policies and, in some cases, offered an opportunity to reduce the total spend on these types of cases.

IntouchCX implemented our Generative AI solution to increase the brand’s adherence policy, accuracy of credits, and insight into their overall spend. After applying Sidd to the program, we increased the brand’s policy adherence from 61% to 87%.


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