There’s more online content
than ever before.

The exponential scale of online engagement shows no sign of slowing down, and with it the creation of billions of pieces of user generated content (UGC) across an ever-growing collection of platforms.

Controlling and moderating this level of content for safety can only be achieved through a blend of human and artificial intelligence (AI) automation. AI shoulders the bulk of the task while humans review and make decisions on everything that remains, which cannot be predetermined by the machine. How can we program AI with more human-centric data to improve the employee experience?
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Why team humans and machines together?

Human-machine teaming is pairing humans and AI together to streamline workflows and improve efficiency, quality, and accuracy. Because of this, human-machine teaming is essential to online safety as a whole.
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The human-machine connection

The vulnerability of the human-machine relationship results from a lack of integration between AI systems and human psychological capabilities. AI systems need humans to decipher which difficult cases require thoughtful societal understanding, and humans need AI systems to sort through massive amounts of data simultaneously.

AI does not understand the emotional risks that humans carry when it’s not trained to do so, and therefore cannot emotionally care about the resilience thresholds for handling content and the impact it has on human well-being. Systems and processes need to be designed with the human cognitive load in mind. In doing so, we can improve content moderation and trust and safety as a whole.

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How We Win

We know that building a stronger, more resilient human-machine model is possible. We can better protect human agents with enhanced human-machine teaming that trains AI to understand human psychology and cognitive capacity.

IntouchCX goes beyond the technology and well-being interventions designed to mitigate human exposure in content moderation, such as blur-tools and counseling support.
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Where Innovation Meets Industry

Our human-machine teaming research explores optimal ways to integrate our team’s real-time emotional states and cognitive capabilities into automated systems. This creates a two-way conversation in which the system can understand an agent’s psychological states. This shift in thinking promises to sustain agent resilience and well-being without the need for explicit interventions. With this as a starting point, we can build complete solutions that leverage the collaboration of humans and machines.
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The Bottom Line

IntouchCX aims to solve the challenges of human well-being and reimagine how AI machines can collaborate with humans. Our early immersion into the generative AI space paired with human-machine teaming will enable us to optimize workflows and enhance customer experiences in a whole new way.
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