IntouchCX’s Commitment to Sustainability & Green Initiatives

This year’s World Environment Day theme, #BeatPlasticPollution, struck a chord with our ongoing efforts here at IntouchCX. We take our commitment to protecting natural resources seriously and with pride. Our Environmental Management System (EMS) serves as the backbone of our sustainability initiatives, ensuring that our operations align with our corporate social responsibility objectives so that we may do our part to help the planet.

To reach our environmental sustainability goals, we created an environmental policy built on procedures that prioritize the reduction of our company’s environmental impact. These green efforts include energy efficiency improvements, comprehensive waste management practices, the recycling of electronic waste and office consumables, and more depending on the campus location.

The ethos of the three R’s—reduce, reuse, and recycle—is embedded in our operations. IntouchCX actively participates in furniture and equipment donations, simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint while aiding community development. As part of our commitment to combating climate change, we are dedicated to reducing our carbon emissions by 10% annually, setting a benchmark for the industry’s green initiatives.

Join us as we continue to lead the charge for a greener future, one where sustainability is not merely an initiative but a way of life. Together, we can nurture nature for generations to come.