The Metaverse: What’s Next
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While the Metaverse is still emerging, its founding concepts blend a unique fusion of mixed realities that will change how we experience products, space, and services in an entirely new way.

Many global brands are already expanding into early versions of their future Metaverse strategies. As they transform what has been a two-dimensional experience into one that is more immersive and cross-functional, customer experience (CX) will be redesigned and elevated to answer a new set of customer needs that will differ from “in real life” CX.

IntouchCX is supporting the early adoption of metaverse technology in ecommerce, fintech, and gaming to create new experiences including immersive shopping, virtual try-ons, crypto-packaged goods, and more. Our clients benefit through combining augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology to create mixed reality, or extended reality (XR) experiences.
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How We Win: Generative AI CX

Immersive Metaverse CX creates new and unique opportunities to engage customers and create an exceptional customer experience that is frictionless and uninterrupted across experience points.

Our foundational work not only considers the front end customer experience lift, but carefully considers brand and user integrity as it pertains across the trust and safety spectrum of ID verification, fraud prevention and detection, safety and behavioral moderation.

Our pioneering Laivly Generative AI is coming of age at the perfect moment to reimagine CX for next-generation brand experiences, where customer engagement must feel as fluid and frictionless as the new environments we are immersed in. In 2018, IntouchCX invested in Laivly Generative AI to create a CX solution that seamlessly interacts between intelligent digital workflows and attended AI to provide real-time, lightning-speed, accurate response and resolution for customer support.

Laivly Generative AI proof points across Digital Commerce:

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Increase in Perfect
CSAT Scores
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Productivity Improvement in Emails Answered Per Hour
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First Contact Resolution Improvement
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QA Improvement
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The Future of CX

The Future of CX

As we develop that solution onwards to support voice, we are in the position to transform global immersive CX in any language, on-demand for support experiences that meet the needs of immersive experiences.

The success of immersive CX has further innovation that is already underway, with neuro-insights enabled science-as-a-service that is transforming our understanding of customer sentiment and human experience, as well as helping to refine and redesign support teams for this new future.

With our early partnerships and industry-leading innovations, we are redefining the role of the support agent by creating an immersive-ready workforce of the future. This will include redesigned job scopes, engaging training spaces, and enhanced well-being programs that complement complex, multi-dimensional interactions powered by neuro-insights and EQ development.

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