Science as
a Service

Science as a service is a strategy to empower companies to better understand their customers by leveraging human science analytics, and new innovative technology.

The emergence of immersive technology means that customer experiences are also becoming increasingly interactive and complex. As consumer behavior evolves, so should the way we measure and understand it.

The evolution of today's Voice of the Customer (VoC) data insights will depend more on human sentiment and feelings in the future. Our ability to understand emotion that is raw and authentic, free from bias and verbatim feedback, will unlock the power to trust human experiences during the exact moments that matter.

IntouchCX is pioneering new scientific methodologies that will reshape how we understand customer behavior in new, complex environments. Our transformational solutions will help research and analyze data, leading to enhanced experiences for both employees and end-consumers which can now be more quickly accessible by clients.

How We Win

IntouchCX neuromonitoring is research already underway from the science as a service solution, and elevates today's data analytics to a new level. Our neuro-insights leverage real-time brain data analytics to better understand how and why the human mind reacts the way it does. This helps us evaluate the human experience without relying on self-reflections through survey data or biometric reads.

Through a simple fitness device or smart watch, we can quantify levels of psychological safety and engagement through heart rate measurements. We use this real-time data to understand how to design, develop, and assess new experiences in the workplace and the customer journey
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Workplace Experiences

Workplace Experiences

Transform the way you enable and empower employees in your business by refining workflows, personalizing well-being programs, and improving employee experiences during training and onboarding. Neuro-insights widens the understanding of demographic, environmental, cognitive and process nuance in the workplace to enable optimized workforce processes and employee experiences as your business grows. 

Customer Journey

Customer Journey

Accurate and authentic insights put us closer to the end user by refining  workflows, personalizing well-being and improving employee experiences. This  creates a conduit for  better design of customer experiences in new immersive and mixed reality environments. Future player, shopper, customer and learning experiences can be studied and optimized via incubated research projects before scaling to larger live teams.

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