Winning in Gaming Starts With Customer Experience

Happy gamer celebrating with their hands up

To truly succeed in the gaming industry, you must proactively nurture gamer loyalty.

Since 2011, the gaming industry’s market size has exploded from a respectable $38.62 billion to a staggering $90.13 billion as of 2022. The surging popularity of video games has fueled this meteoric growth. 

Millions of gamers across the globe invest their time and energy as they attempt to win their favorite PC, console-based, or mobile games. However, gamers are not the only ones attempting to rack up the wins as they log countless hours on their game of choice. 

Whether you are a gaming platform or video game software developer, driving conversions, fostering customer loyalty, and creating and maintaining positive community space should be at the very top of your priority list.

So how do you do this? Below are five ways you can optimize your revenue, improve the gamer experience, and become a leader in the gaming industry. 

  1. Proactively Nurture Customer Loyalty 

Earning a new customer undoubtedly falls into your brand’s “win” category. However, each conversion will not yield long-term profits for your business if most new gamers only stick around for a couple of days. 

To truly succeed in the gaming industry, you must proactively nurture gamer loyalty. If you can develop a fiercely loyal following, you can stabilize revenue streams and increase overall profitability. Your loyal audience base will be waiting with anticipation every time you announce an update or new video game. 

Nurturing customer loyalty starts with closely monitoring gamer satisfaction with your game or platform. By doing so, you can detect shifts in customer perception of your product and get to the bottom of the issue. 

When customers become frustrated with a component of your product, acting fast to remedy the issue will demonstrate that you are listening to their concerns. In turn, this will improve customer loyalty to your brand and boost their lifetime value.

  1. Track Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores measure several key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Measuring CSAT scores will help you track product quality and consumer perceptions of customer service quality. CSAT scores are commonly used in a multitude of different product and service industries, and they are incredibly valuable tools for measuring success in the gaming industry.

You can track your CSAT scores by conducting brief surveys after customers have received support. For instance, suppose that a string of customers encounter a bug with your game and contact the support line. After your support team resolves the issue, you can poll your gamers to gauge their perception of the experience to calculate your final CSAT score. 

  1. Outsource Content Moderation

Giving players the ability to communicate can significantly increase the popularity of your game. When players can interact through chat rooms, in online forums, or during live games, the entire experience becomes more exciting and enjoyable. 

Unfortunately, a small percentage of players will undoubtedly abuse these capabilities. These abuses may include using rude or derogatory language toward other players, bullying, or making other inappropriate comments.

That is where content moderation comes into play. If you are already managing content moderation  in-house, you know precisely how resource intensive the entire process can be. 

If your content moderators are stretched too thin, the customer experience will be diminished because some bad actors will get away with their abuses. 

An outsourcing partner specializing in content moderation will be able to improve your moderation capabilities and better protect your online community, all while keeping costs down. And that is a win-win for your company and your players. 

  1. Offer Timely Customer Support

When gamers run into a problem with your product, it is vital that you offer timely, efficient support. In a worst-case scenario, they may decide to transition away from your game altogether. If this happens at scale, you will find it extremely difficult to achieve your growth goals.

By outsourcing content moderation, you can focus on providing other types of customer support. Specifically, you can devote additional resources to resolving technical issues that your customers may encounter with your game. Additionally, outsourcing your support processes can decrease your overhead expenses and give you more time to focus on enhancing your game lineup.

  1. Never Stop Improving the Customer Experience

If you want to truly win in the gaming industry, it’s essential to ditch the idea that the customer experience will eventually be “good enough.” Instead, you must constantly seek out ways to exceed customer expectations.. 

By adopting a continuous improvement mindset, you will learn to look at every performance metric through the lens of, “how can we do better?” Ultimately, this will empower your business to provide your customers with unmatched support and help you differentiate yourself in the highly competitive gaming industry.

Alone, each of these five tactics for winning in the gaming sector can significantly improve your ability to serve your clients. Cumulatively, they can profoundly enhance the way you interact with your customers. 

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