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Level Up Your Customer Care

Catapult maps customers’ behavior and preferences to elevate your CX through multiple touchpoints. Our automated analytics and reporting tool provides micro-level insights into associate, team, and program performance, aiding in issue identification and tailored coaching. This will ultimately help you lower costs while increasing CSAT.

How We Win

Catapult uses automated sentiment analysis and predictive QA to identify high performers and guide developing agents. Our platform features self-directed QA, targeted in-person coaching, impact assessments, and tailored action measures to replicate the winning behaviors. Catapult also offers a modular tech stack, AI-powered CSAT analysis, and integration into Sidd Spark and LLM.
Leveraging graphical views of variances in KPIs, we give you the data and insights so you can make key decisions. We provide intuitive custom dashboards determining opportunities coupled with real-time individual and team performance trends.
360 Degree View
Visibility into performance using dynamic associate and campaign scorecards along with multichannel reporting for each team member allows the power of data to unlock trends and inform your business.
Centralizing data means information is at your fingertips, 24/7. Live data allows for real-time performance reviews, driving accountability while offering complete transparency at every touchpoint.

The Results Are In

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QA Score Improvement
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CSAT Improvement for Email Support
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CSAT Improvement for E-Commerce
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Improvement in AHT for Voice Interaction