Vision: Unleash the Power of Omnichannel Insights

Vision, our leading-edge omnichannel reporting portal, monitors your program’s performance on a macro level. Harnessing the potential of data automation to provide unparalleled insights, Vision replaces fragmented data sources with a unified view that empowers you to make impactful decisions for your brand.
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Next-Level Performance Monitoring

Vision acts as a window into the heart of your operations. By seamlessly integrating data from multiple sources, including CRM tools, Catapult, and Superpunch, Vision paints a comprehensive picture of your program's performance. This all-in-one hub transforms raw data into actionable insights, driving a deeper understanding of your operations and fostering strategic decisions that shape your brand's success.

Key Features That Redefine Reporting

Vision's capabilities extend far beyond conventional reporting. Here's what sets it apart:
Automated Analysis
Our analytics tool includes enhanced predictive analytics, automated reporting, along with headcount and capacity growth predictions. It features a proprietary data structure and warehouse, with machine learning specifically focused on predictive analytics and forecasts. Vision also offers a client and internal portal as well as BI engine-driven reporting, analytics, and modeling.
Unified Reporting Source
Manage your program proactively with real-time insights into agent schedules and performance to stay ahead of the curve and ensure operational efficiency.
Data Visulization
Vision equips you with interactive tools to manipulate views based on multiple variables, empowering you to make data-driven decisions effortlessly
Real-Time Visibility
Manage your program proactively with real-time insights into agent schedules and performance to stay ahead of the curve and ensure operational efficiency.
Robust Security
Vision ensures your peace of mind with secure VPN/MFA login requirements, safeguarding your valuable insights.

The Insights You Need

With Vision, our standard reporting set adapts to your unique needs. Depending on the data feeds from your systems, you can expect:

KPI Data Visualization

Easily track and interpret key performance indicators that drive your program's success.

Operational Dashboard

Pinpoint performance "hot spots" and identify high and low performers at a glance, streamlining your management efforts.

Workforce Management

Leverage real-time reporting to optimize your operations for peak efficiency.

Individual Agent Management

Uncover individual agent statistics and stack rankings to foster a culture of growth and accountability.

Attrition Reporting

Gain insights into attrition trends at different tenure stages, facilitating targeted retention strategies.

Voice of Agent

Better understand your agents' perspectives and experiences to ensure teams are equipped to provide positive customer experiences.

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Deliver Exceptional Results With Data-Driven Insights

Transform the way you perceive and optimize your program's performance with elevated insights, powered by advanced automation. Shape your success with Vision today.
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