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Quality Assurance

Enhance Your Customer Care Quality

The key to customer loyalty is elevating customer experience .

We make Quality Assurance (QA) scoring easier by defining your KPI goals and building out custom QA evaluation criteria.

Our QA team identifies customer issue trends and creates opportunities to drive performance improvement and experience.
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How We Win

Customized Score Cards

Customized Score Cards

We develop customized scorecards for the unique needs of your program to evaluate critical skills that are key to our associates' success. From implementation through regular calibration calls, we identify knowledge gaps and opportunities for uptraining and coaching. Results are shared through our customizable online dashboard, allowing you transparency and confidence in our team.
Monitoring & Analysis

Monitoring & Analysis

Our QA team reviews and monitors customer interactions including call and screen recordings, chat transcripts, emails, and social media posts against established scorecards. We review real time contact statistics, disposition and CSAT reports. Associate performance is analyzed, allowing personalized opportunities for coaching and uptraining.
Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

We constantly identify new insights and opportunities for improvement on the associate, team, and program level. Real time feedback feeds behavior-based coaching, allowing us to focus on the why and the how, so our team can deliver results and exceed your expectations.

Our Results

QA across all programs

Quality Assurance Tools

Catapult is our proprietary analytics and reporting platform that provides micro level insights for associate, team and program performance. It features customizable dashboards and charts that help us determine the root cause of issues affecting the customer experience. This data is then leveraged to support individual associate coaching and performance.

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Vision is our proprietary omnichannel reporting portal used for monitoring your program’s performance at the macro level. Vision consumes data from multiple sources such as CRM tools, Catapult, and Superpunch, and presents this big data in a unified view, driving insightful and informed decision making for your brand.

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