Digital Apps & Ecosystems

We deliver seamless, custom support for future-thinking brands.

Our expertise in interactive technologies, digital app platforms, trust and safety solutions, and data protection, paired with industry-leading customer care, allows us to push your platform forward to drive user loyalty and growth.

Content Moderation

Anchored in our industry-leading Trust and Safety solutions and investment in people well-being, our content moderators proactively uphold your high community and brand standards to deliver a consistent experience that’s safe and reliable.

Data Annotation

We bring together content specialists and cutting-edge AI technology for increased quality, efficiency, and accuracy. We have extensive experience adapting to changing volumes and implementing resolution workflows for a wide range of data types, including text, image, video, and voice to deliver high volume annotation.

Technical Support

Leading with advanced support technologies coupled with brand-tailored solutions, we help you deliver resolutions quickly and effectively, resulting in increased CSAT and brand loyalty.

Fraud Prevention

We improve the integrity of your platform by creating safeguards and risk assessments with our bespoke digital solutions. Our dedicated team and leading detection systems protect our partners and by investigating fraudulent behavior and identify common trends through research and analysis to stop bad actors in their tracks.

Account Profiles/

We help you block fraudulent or unauthorized users through consistent verification during enrollments and log-ins.

Protection & Security

From compliance services to bug identification, we’re committed to the data security of our brand partners.
Well-being graphic of a heart-shaped person.

We take well-being seriously. It’s at the heart of our culture, and we strive to put our people first so they can put your people first.

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