The Ultimate Guide to Elevating Patient Experiences

Health leaders are realizing that providing a positive digital patient experience (PX) is essential to being successful in the healthcare industry. However, as health technology companies focus on perfecting their innovations, they often forget about optimizing patient experiences, which leads them to fall behind in the market and patients to look elsewhere. 

Health organizations can work to foster better relationships between patient and provider. Modern health technologies can help streamline the patient experience and alleviate pain points along their care journey, helping health organizations deliver better service and boost their business. Understanding what consumers value most in their digital healthcare will help boost PX. 

A study found that:

  • 20% of patients dropped a previous healthcare provider due to poor digital patient engagement
  • Nearly 50% of patients would consider switching providers for a better digital patient experience

Below are five things businesses in healthtech should focus on to improve the patient experience, and how to do it.

1) Convenience

In today’s digital world, health consumers want the ability to monitor their own health and receive care when and how they want. For example, the option to receive care at home through telehealth services provides a convenient alternative to in-person appointments. However, if the digital patient experience is difficult to navigate, patients will become frustrated, leading to lower satisfaction and retention. 

Here are a few ways to make the digital experience more convenient for consumers:

  • Utilize telehealth technology to provide remote care
  • Employ easy online scheduling & canceling service 
  • Implement digital self-service systems for patients 

2) Quality

Patients want to receive a high quality of care at every point of their journey. Using the tips below will help foster trust among patients, helping them to feel seen and valued. 

  • Utilize data insights and analytics reporting to better understand patient satisfaction & other key metrics
  • Implement online education tools for patients to engage with & learn about their health
  • Invest in trust & safety services to protect patients’ health data 

3) Support

Patients value getting the right kind of support that meets their individual needs. From technologies that help monitor patient medications to online chat services, innovative support solutions can help ease various pain points in the patient experience. 

  • Streamline online health platforms to ease all PX touchpoints & connect patients with the right support services efficiently
  • Implement customer support solution to help patients navigate complex processes, like filing insurance claims 

4) Personalization

Receiving a personalized patient experience is a priority among consumers today. This is especially important in the healthcare industry, as patients want to be treated based on their individual needs as well as their unique contexts and backgrounds. 

Personalize patient care by:

  • Implementing multilingual support on online platforms so patients can interact in their preferred language 
  • Employing remote monitoring of health conditions & well-being so practitioners have a more complete patient context 

5) Communication

Quick, efficient communication between patients and providers is key for boosting PX. If consumers can’t get their questions answered or getting assistance becomes too complicated, patients will look to competitors or even avoid getting the care they need. Here are some ways you can improve digital communication for patients and increase their satisfaction. 

  • Employ patient portals & direct communication systems for patients to message providers directly
  • Connect patient data across multiple health organization platforms so patient health histories are visible & accessible while remaining secure
  • Provide digital health records & test results so patients can avoid unnecessary in-person appointments with their providers and get immediate answers

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