Generative AI and Laivly

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving new innovation across all industries, leading us into the next technological revolution. The use case for AI in customer experience (CX) is profound. 1.6% of agent interactions are already performed by conversational AI, a number that is predicted to skyrocket to 10% in the next four years. This increase in automation will primarily come from simulated voice bots and text-based chatbots.

The Future of CX

Meet Laivly, our AI technology that automates your business functions like a human. Laivly writes, communicates, and solves problems – on-brand and with empathy.

By leveraging digital automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, Laivly empowers team members and optimizes your customer experience (CX) with real-time decision making and action between support workflows and the customer-facing agent. This reduces total customer interaction time by 55%, leading to increased accuracy and customer satisfaction.
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Generative AI + Laivly

This agile technology is transforming customer and agent experience. Our solution accesses workflow processes through the front end, just like an agent. It continuously learns and improves at lightning speed, leading to reduced agent effort and overhead within months of implementation.
Smart Response for Email

Smart Response for Email

Conversation Starter

Smart Response for email uses a revolutionary generative machine learning model to ensure every written interaction is accurate, on-brand, and optimized for customer satisfaction. 

With Smart Response, agents simply review, add a personal touch or extra context as necessary, and send. Every edit made feeds Laivly’s reinforcement training systems, continuously improving the AI’s performance. 

  • 34% EHT improvement  
  • Reduced ramp time by 5 weeks
  • 100% usage rates of SIDD Email week over week
Smart Response for Chat

Smart Response for Chat

Real Talk in Real Time

Smart Response for chat uses Laivly’s powerful generative machine learning model to interact with customers in real time, empowering the agent to supervise, edit, approve, and enhance. 

Smart Notes

Smart Notes

Case Noteworthy

Smart Notes drafts case notes instantly and accurately in natural language. It uses generative AI to draft real-time verbatims, freeing agents from time-consuming note-taking and post-contact work.

Smart Notes intelligently identifies key information throughout the interaction and generates accurate, succinct summaries in real time so your agents can focus on the customer.

  • 34% time reduction to fill forms 
  • 8% reduction in AHT
  • 105 associate hours saved monthly

Why Laivly?

Laivly gives you the power of Generative AI in your contact center today without replatforming. This technology is ChatGPT-enabled, analyzes customer sentiment and meaning, and automates actions into workflows.

Integrates with your existing tech stack, seamlessly and rapidly. No APIs required.

Generates perfectly on-brand responses. Instant. Accurate. Natural. Powerful.

Generates real-time verbatims, freeing agents from time-consuming note-taking and post-contact work.

Predicts what your agents need to know in real time, suggests best-case solutions, then automates tasks and workflows.

Safe. Secure. Ethical.

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