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Entertainment & Gaming

Dynamic support for an industry that’s always evolving.

Anticipating and exceeding expectations creates positive community experiences and drives brand loyalty. Our expertise in your world and its evolving trends, paired with our exceptional customer care, allows us to develop bespoke solutions that will level up your user experience.

Product/Game Launch Support

Bringing new shows, games, or products to market comes with many moving parts. We'll design a custom multichannel strategy backed by data and supported by a team of experts, so you can focus on launch excitement.

Technical Troubleshooting

By recruiting a dedicated community of passionate users as agents, we provide specialized on-demand interactive troubleshooting support anchored in technical expertise to reduce interruptions and improve experience.

Subscription Purchases

We help you build a loyal user base and retain your highest revenue generating customers by cross sell, upsell, and subscription campaigns, all while delivering exceptional omnichannel purchase support.

Content Moderation

Our dedicated content moderators ensure your users have a fun, safe experience at all times by moderating sentiment across platforms and reinforcing safeguards to effectively build safer, high-quality communities. We also respond to reviews with custom messaging to drive ratings, UA, retention and brand integrity.

Community Safety

We ensure your users feel safe and empowered to interact with your games and services responsibly. Our trust and safety integration throughout your entire platform uses advanced safety technology and diligent specialists to protect your community from fraud, unauthorized users, and harmful content.

IntouchCX is a proud member of the Fair Play Alliance, joining over 200 gaming companies with shared commitment and investment in player safety.

Case Study: Augmented Reality Gaming Support

Case Study: Augmented Reality Gaming Support

Augmented Reality Gaming is multi-faceted and requires an adaptable high-touch service. Gamers expect real-time support that’s fast and accurate — the exact experience a San Francisco-based AR gaming powerhouse wanted to provide. After partnering with IntouchCX they saw significant improvements after just 30 days, including:
95% +
Faster Responses
than RFT Goal

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