Process Automation

To thrive in today's competitive landscape, you need UX and CX processes that can swiftly adapt to match rapid changing customer behavior. Companies depend on people, processes, and technology to deliver services, so it becomes challenging when systems are so complex, outdated, or require extensive integration iterations that they can lag customer demand.

Advancing UX and CX With Process Automation

At IntouchCX, we specialize in workflow automation, leveraging our expertise of interconnected technology systems to drive improvements for agents and customers alike.

As your strategic partner, we use our in-depth knowledge of complex digital technology systems across multiple platforms to seamlessly integrate workflow design and process automation. Our global insights and optimization workshops are used to provide another channel for feedback and ideas driven directly by our team members.

By connecting day-to-day experiences to the customer journey and brand goals, our groups drive actionable insights that are then translated into strategies. We can both implement the changes and offer comprehensive support for maintenance and management, delivering broad efficiencies and productivity.

Our IntouchNXT in-house lab includes solution consultants and architects, and business analyst teams who execute deep discoveries and design sessions. We engage in a collaborative approach with our clients and technology partners to implement fast-win business improvements with our IntouchCX developers and QA specialist. Iterative deployment results in continuous improvements and ROI.

Our Process Automation Solution

IntouchCX offers an incubation model that empowers your business to fast-track change and improve your workflows through short and iterative cycles.

We initiate a comprehensive UX and CX review to understand all systems, key processes and agent interactions to understand key opportunity areas. This scan includes a full view of pre, during and post interactions. By leveraging our IntouchNXT in-house lab of consultants and business analyst teams, we execute deep discoveries and design sessions. Our journey mapping experts assess your existing workflows to identify areas of optimization. Based on our findings, we provide recommendations for automation, paving the way for enhanced efficiency and fast-win business improvements.

Here are just a few ways our process automation solution can drive efficiencies
across your business:

System Consolidation

System Consolidation

View data from multiple sources, providing greater context for agents to resolve customer contacts.

  • For example, data can assist an agent in fulfilling an order across multiple systems including account, POS and delivery faster and more efficiently.
Dashboard Optimization

Dashboard Optimization

Data can be compiled from different sources to create a unified dashboard for comprehensive insights.

  • For example, after-call insights can be compiled alongside trend analysis to pinpoint areas of optimization for future resolution efficiencies.
 Seamless Task Completion

Seamless Task Completion

Integration of various systems to complete tasks at different levels of complexity.

  • To ensure form completion and complete data collection, forms can be compiled and claims submitted on behalf of customers.¬†
  • Agent email automation can save time and speed up time to resolution.
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How We Win

At IntouchCX, our approach is founded on a holistic
understanding of your brand, agent interactions, and their
impact on your customers.
Our success is driven by:

Our success is driven by:

  • Demonstrated expertise with 10 years in the market working across a variety of ecosystems with extensive systems, data and process mapping frameworks to pinpoint automation or augment areas for your teams¬†
  • IntouchNXT lab team of over 100 technologies ready to immerse themselves into the opportunity and to partner with your teams to implement workflow improvements
  • Outcome driven solutions that span a variety of proprietary tools and technology partnerships to deliver the right business performance improvements
  • Fast win business improvements, iterative deployment improving ROI so continuous improvements are self funding.

The strategic integration of our solution will transform your UX and CX processes to deliver:

Enhanced Productivity

Advanced Workflows

Quality Improvements

Increased Resource Utilization Efficiency

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Elevate Your Workflows With IntouchCX Process Automation

Elevate Your Workflows With IntouchCX Process Automation

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