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Digital Commerce

Let our agents empower your customers for a better experience.

IntouchCX provides support and safety throughout the entire customer journey. We use real-time data to create effective, personalized digital solutions that drive lifetime loyalty for your brand.

Pre-sales Support/Inquiries

Turn prospects into customers with comprehensive pre-sale support.

Inbound Sales & Payment Processing

Provide dedicated inbound sales support for seamless payments and faster scaling.

Customer Retention, Upselling, and Cross-selling

Turn one-time customers into life-long customers with our knowledgeable and empowered brand ambassadors that are experts in personalized cross-sell and upsell techniques.

Outbound Sales and Promotions

Generate buzz and unlock new audiences with unique sales and promotional opportunities, designed to put your brand on the map.

Rewards / Loyalty Program Support

Exceptional experiences start with appreciation, and our high touch, personalized loyalty program support ensures your customers feel valued.

B2B Order Management

Let us handle your order management process so your B2B partners always receive exceptional service.

Fraud Prevention

Stay secure at every level with industry-leading fraud detection systems and specialized top-tier agents.

Image/Video Annotation

We bring together content specialists and cutting-edge AI technology for increased quality, efficiency, and accuracy. We have extensive experience with a wide range of data types, including text, image, video, and voice to deliver high volume annotation.


We support your customers after the sale by offering accurate package tracking and seamless order replacement.