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Gig Economy

IntouchCX delivers nimble and agile end-to-end customer support to our gig economy partners, improving worker satisfaction and creating an amazing customer experience.

We provide flexible solutions to seamlessly connect buyers and sellers in the fast-paced gig economy space, driving brand performance, loyalty, and growth.

Damage & Compliance Support

We handle your damage and compliance claims quickly to reduce financial loss and boost brand reputation.

Fraud Detection

We improve your brand’s integrity by reducing fraud through our best-in-class AI technology paired with our empowered, detailed-oriented team.

Conflict Mediation

Trust us to mediate customer conflicts with empathy and sensitivity while ensuring your brand remains protected.

Emergency Case Support

We have extensive experience navigating complex, sensitive, and urgent cases in real-time, ensuring your customers, drivers, and business remains safe and secure.

Bookings & Cancellations

We make booking and canceling easy for you and your customers, elevating your CX and keeping operations running smoothly.

Account Related Inquiries

Our agents are trained to anticipate your customers’ needs at the first point of contact, making managing account inquiries more efficient and accurate.

Data Reconciliation Services

Enhance your data validation processes with our industry-leading technology to improve efficiency, quality, and accuracy.

Payment Processing

Our top-of-the-line payment processing systems keep your customers’ information secure for worry-free transactions.

Content Moderation

We protect your brand’s community from harmful content, and provide health and well-being tools to support our moderators.
Well-being graphic of a heart-shaped person.

We take well-being seriously. It’s at the heart of our culture, and we strive to put our people first so they can put your people first.

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