A New Future for
Online Safety

Redefining Trust and Safety
in the Age of AI

Trust and safety is no longer reserved solely for technology and social platforms. User-generated content as we know it has changed. There is increasing uncertainty as artificial intelligence and synthetic media enter our social feeds at unprecedented speed. Deeper content scrutinization is essential for organizations to remain compliant with policy and integrity standards.

With the emergence of online safety legislation and transparency reporting, trust and safety is a priority across the online space. Reputable trust and safety policies, procedures, and partners are essential to create safe digital experiences. User safety, proactive fraud prevention, and the moderation of complex synthetically generated content are critical.
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Your Trust and Safety Priorities Are Our Priorities

IntouchCX trust and safety provides the confidence for our partners to thrive online.

We understand that the lines between CX and trust and safety are blurring. Safety is not optional. Every interaction, whether as a customer, player, or user, must be a safe online experience. But one size does not fit all, and our trust and safety experts can help design a bespoke practice that meets the needs of your business to help you to scale with soul.

Our leadership is academically endorsed with professional certifications in trust and safety.

Our well-being program is clinically designed and innovates with AI.

Our delivery is tailored to industry and work type, powered by an AI-enabled technology suite and detection analytics to support insights and transparency reporting.
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Trust & Safety Solutions

User Safety

User Safety

Know your customers to ensure users, consumers, sellers, and gamers on your platforms are who they say they are. Protect your user information from theft and misuse. We provide a safe online experience to drive customer retention and brand loyalty.
  • ID Verification and Authentication
  • Fake Profile Verification
  • Hacking and Account Takeover
  • Identity Theft Prevention
  • Misinformation and Fact Checking
Fraud Detection and Prevention

Fraud Detection and Prevention

We protect customers across all industries by detecting early signs of fraudulent behavior in order to mitigate risk.

  • Claims Integrity
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
  • Fraud Investigation and Mitigation
Platform Safety and Integrity

Platform Safety and Integrity

We evaluate products, brands, and advertising assets and processes to ensure compliance, correct placement, and relevance.

  • Marketplace Listings – Goods Safety and Compliance
  • Ad Moderation and Monetization
  • Brand Reputation and Risk
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property Compliance
  • Fake Reviews
Content Moderation

Content Moderation

We moderate user-generated content, ensuring that toxic, egregious, and malicious graphic, text, and audio content is managed across various social and digital platforms, gaming sites, and marketplaces. 

  • User-Generated Content – Text, Audio, Video, and Images
  • Livestream – Audio and Video
  • User Reviews
  • Metaverse, AR, and VR Moderation
Content Curation

Content Curation

Pairing human expertise with leading technology allows us to review and label large sets of text, video, and image assets. We improve the quality of data annotation, so you can focus on your business.
  • Content Relevance and Tagging
  • Data Annotation, Labeling, and Cataloguing 
  • Geotagging
  • Content Curation
  • Transcription and Translation
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Caring for Moderators With Digital Well-Being for Mental Health Fitness

Mental health fitness is at the core of our culture. We enhance support with professional clinical services and digital mental health innovation to care for our employees’ needs across the spectrum of sensitivity in the workplace.

We invest in assessments to match employees to the work type best suited for them, and subsequently build a well-being support program accordingly. Our digital mental health support is always available on the agent desktop, proactively serving just-in-time support when it is needed most. Our doctoral research studies innovative breakthrough concepts to improve knowledge, best practices, and solutions.
Clinically-Led Culture of Well-Being

Clinically-Led Culture of Well-Being

We believe mental health fitness should be prioritized daily. We have professionals in-residence who lead the design and creation of weekly mindfulness sessions, curated well-being content, clinically designed psychological assessments, and custom emotional intelligence (EQ) leadership training. This enables upfront resilience profiling, professional counseling support, and well-being program design, training, and research.

Cognitive Innovation and Research Hub

Cognitive Innovation and Research Hub

Doctoral research is integrated into IntouchCX innovation. We leverage the latest technology innovation to power cognitive and behavioral studies that examine new approaches and insights to improve employee experience (EX) and human performance.

Innovative Next-Generation Technology

Innovative Next-Generation Technology

Superpunch and AI Well-Being Platform

Superpunch is our employee self-management tool, conveniently accessible on both mobile and desktop devices. It enables dynamic schedule changes, paycheck access, counselor and well-being scheduling, and proactive personalized digital mental health prompts.

Our AI well-being platform enhances the understanding of human performance and interactions by focusing on psychological safety, engagement, and immersion. By incorporating neuro-scientific findings into everyday program practices, we deliver strong human performance. This leads to increased engagement, heightened employee well-being, and reduced attrition rates.

Prioritize the Trust and Safety of
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We strategically partner with industry leaders in gaming, policy, well-being, and the trust and safety profession at large.

Technology Partnerships

Our strategic partnerships with industry-leading technical platforms ensures that we can support our clients’ technology needs. In doing so, we optimize the detection, prevention, moderation, and transparency reporting of trust-related content in all its forms.

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